We can meet all of your BIM requirements.

What is building information modelling (BIM)?

Building information modelling (BIM) is a holistic process where we create and manage all information for the design and construction of a commercial building. The result is a complete virtual model of the project featuring intelligent 3D objects.

The building information models are computer files through which data can be extracted and shared with various trades and project collaborators to support decision-making throughout the construction process.

Various tools and software packages, such as Autodesk Revit, support the BIM process.

How does BIM assist the construction process?

The information contained within the BIM models is retained and shared with all parties to the construction project. This allows for greater collaboration and coordination, resulting in a more efficient project.

Why choose Drafting Solutions?

Drafting Solutions have proven experience delivering BIM projects. This experience helps to ensure that we can meet the specific needs of each project for all sorts of clients.

3D Revit model by Drafting Solutions