Accurate as constructed drawings for your Melbourne project.

What are as constructed drawings?

Melbourne project managers trust us for our accurately created as constructed drawings. As constructed drawings, also known as an ‘as built drawings,’ are a detailed picture of all on-site installations. The difference between shop drawings and as built drawings is when each of these different drawings are completed. Shop drawings are completed before construction takes place, whereas as constructed drawings are done upon project completion. These drawings will show the final installation of everything.

The experts at Drafting Solutions utilise the red line markups from your shop drawings and convert them into a completed product that reflects what was installed on the project.

These drawings are usually a contractual requirement upon project completion.

What software do Drafting Solutions use for your Melbourne project?

The Drafting Solutions experts utilise both Autodesk Revit (3d) or Autodesk AutoCAD (2D) for your as built drawing. The client and their project requirements determine the software we use.

What requirements are there for our experts to accurately produce your as built drawings for your Melbourne project?

Drafting Solutions can help you fulfil contractual requirements for your Melbourne project. For our experts to complete the as built drawings for your project, we require red line markups showing the changes that were made during the construction process.

We also require the original shop drawings in either Autodesk Revit or Autodesk AutoCAD format. These documents allow us to modify your existing shop drawings to create your as built drawings.

Don’t have these files? No worries, our experts have the knowledge to draw up the documentation from scratch.

Choose Drafting Solutions for your next Melbourne project.

The experienced team at Drafting Solutions specialises in building services and has extensive knowledge to complete your as built drawings. This experience helps to ensure that our modellers interpret your shop drawing markups with ease, allowing us to produce accurately constructed drawings efficiently for your completed project.

Our multiple resources help us achieve tight deadlines at the end of your construction project.

Completed as constructed drawing for a Melbourne client upon project completion
Our hard working team producing an as constructed drawing for a Melbourne prject