Shop Drawings

Where we bring the design to life.

How can we assist with your Shop Drawing requirements?

Design is one thing, but construction is another. The two however, should be seamless. Our Shop Drawings give those on site a clear, precise picture of the construction process. Surveyors, engineers, builders, trades and any others involved, can clearly see the process and task ahead. To guarantee high quality drawing and efficient project management we liaise with all parties to obtain the latest and relevant information. We will visit site to compare the information on paper to the practical environment. It helps all roles to work efficiently, save time and money.

What are Shop Drawings?

Upon completion of the modelling process, Drafting Solutions provide a set of shop drawings, which contain vital information and can be submitted to clients / engineers prior to installation for their review & approval. These shop drawings also contain critical information for the installation of the service, including sizes, dimensions, setouts etc. Shop Drawings are tailored to fit each client and trade, this helps all roles to work efficiently, save time and money.

Reduce the risk!

Without shop drawings, major errors can be made. Components may be manufactured incorrectly, processes can be neglected, plans might be overlooked and building elements can collide.

Avoid mistakes with shop drawings from Drafting Solutions.