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How can we assist with your shop drawing requirements?

Drafting Solutions are the experts you need for accurate shop drawings in Adelaide. Design is one thing, but construction is another. The two, however, should be seamless. Our drawings give those on site a clear, precise picture of the construction process. Surveyors, engineers, builders, trades and any others involved can clearly see the process and task ahead. To guarantee high-quality drawings and efficient project management, we liaise with all parties to obtain the latest and relevant information. We will visit the site to compare the information on paper to the practical environment. It helps all roles to work efficiently and save time and money.

How shop drawings are tailored to your Adelaide project.

Our Adelaide team are the experts you can count on for shop drawings tailored to your project. Upon completion of the modelling process, Drafting Solutions provide a set of drawings containing vital information that can be submitted to clients/engineers before installation for their review and approval. These will also include critical information for the installation of the service, including sizes, dimensions, set-outs etc. Every drawing is tailored to fit each client and trade, this helps all roles to work efficiently and save time and money.

Prepare for your project's next stage with Drafting Solutions.

Our efficient Adelaide team recommends that your shop drawings be completed in the first phase of your construction process. This vital project step ensures the building design, various installed components and their details can be seen. Additionally, the whole team, including project managers, contractors, designers and manufacturers, can refer to the plans throughout the project, creating a streamlined plan to review to minimise mistakes.

What is the difference between shop drawings and construction drawings?

There is sometimes confusion between shop drawings and construction drawings, as there is only a subtle factor to distinguish them from each other. Both are completed before the actual construction commences. The construction drawings include building design and various revisions, whereas shop drawings show how the building was originally designed, internally with MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) components. Therefore, shop drawings are a step-by-step manual of the initial building construction process.

Shop drawings complement construction drawings as a further detailed development. Using shop drawings, contractors can determine the materials required for the MEP components, the dimensions of the installations and timelines. They act as a bridge to fill the gap between the contractor and contract documents.

What is the difference between ‘as built’ drawings and shop drawings?

As built drawings are made after the building has been constructed, they can also be referred to as the completion documents. As built drawings reflect the actual structure or the build not as it was initially planned, but actually how it stands completed. Most final structures may vary somewhat or drastically than the initial plan, this will all be reflected in as-built drawings.

After the building has been constructed, the as built drawings can then be referenced as shop drawings as they have in-depth information about the whole structure. As built drawings assist with the final certification of a project. In conjunction, the as built drawings are critical for undertaking any repair or renovation works in and around the building.

Avoid the risks in your next Adelaide project!

With shop drawings, major errors can be avoided. Without the knowledge and information that these plans bring, components may be manufactured incorrectly, processes can be neglected, plans might be overlooked and building elements can collide.

Keep your project on track with the best quality shop drawings from Drafting Solutions. Our nation-wide experience ensures precision shop drawings for projects in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.

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