Services Coordination

We pride ourselves in our thoroughness in the process, from start to finish.

The most important part of any project is the planning. It applies to design, build and the co-ordination of various trades.

Having an overview of where everything fits makes life a lot easier for everyone concerned. Most importantly, it makes for a timely, cost-effective build.

Clash detection is an important process when building commercial projects. By highlighting any clashes or issues during the design process, it reduces the risk and time frames during construction. 

Drafting solutions use several software packages to efficiently coordinate services during the design and shop drawing process.  

Lead coordination is another service Drafting Solutions offer, where we manage the coordination process and collaborate with other trades to deliver a clash free project. 

When Drafting Solutions are involved in a project we attend everything from the initial design meetings early on in the process so we can ensure that allowances are realistic, right through to producing the shop-drawings and final handover.