Service Coordination


Service Coordination

The most important part of any project is the planning. It applies to design, build and the co-ordination of various trades. Having an overview of where everything fits makes life a lot easier for everyone concerned. Most importantly, it makes for a timely, cost-effective build. When Drafting Solutions are involved in a project we attend everything from the initial design meetings early on in the process so we can ensure that allowances are realistic, right through to producing the shop-drawings and final handover.
We pride ourselves in our thoroughness in the process, from start to finish.
There are hundreds of objects, materials and components that are used in a building project. Collating and sorting this information into ‘families’ is a required process in any major build. It’s a process in which we excel. We create ‘libraries’ of products using the Revit software, enabling accurate budgeting and timely delivery.


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At Drafting Solutions, we are experts in service coordination.

Allow our team to assist you in planning and executing your project. Contact us to find out more.

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