About the project

After a significant fire in January 2018, Thomas Foods have commenced building a new state-of-the-art meat processing facility in South Australia. The project will incorporate beef processing facilities, animal handling facilities designed to the highest animal welfare standards, beef boning room with automated packaging technology, stockyards, employee amenities and administration facilities, fully automated carton chilling, freezing and storage systems, and electrical, refrigeration and boiler systems to the highest energy efficiency standards.

Project Date:
Project Location:

The Task

Drafting Solutions were contracted to provide services coordination and shop drawings for the electrical and communications services.

The Challenge

This particular project has been very challenging due to the steel structure, and the various levels of the project.

The Solution

High levels of attention to detail were required to ensure that all of the light fittings and cable trays were at the correct levels throughout the project, and coordinated around the steel structure and other building services.