About the project

This project, run by Badge Construction, involved the construction of a new state-of-the-art hatchery for the Ingham’s site located in Pakenham, Victoria.

This 6500m2 facility consisted of a 2-storey office building, waste disposal, water storage tanks, a waste water treatment plant, diesel storage tank, fire tanks, and a pump house.

Project Date:
Project Location:

The Task

Drafting Solutions were engaged to complete the lead services coordination for the project.  We were also responsible for loading in the equipment model, which was specially designed in Europe.

The Challenge

It was difficult to align all of the models, especially the equipment model, as they were sent to us in different formats.

The Solution

By collaborating with our client Badge Construction and utilising our modelling skills, we were able to import all required models and align them with a tolerance of less than a millimetre.