About the project

A $23 million community centre will be built at Enfield Memorial Park, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn the cemetery into a world class precinct.

The community centre will feature function rooms, a cafe, florist, nature play area, and reflection rooms for funeral services that will cater from 20 to 450 people.

Project Date:
Project Location:
Enfield Memorial Park by Drafting Solutions

The Task

Drafting Solutions were engaged to model, coordinate and provide shop drawings for the hydraulic and fire services for the project.

The Challenge

The building design features a complex curved shape which required a very complex steel structure.  We then needed to ensure that all services for the project avoided this structure.

The Solution

Navisworks was utilised to coordinate the steel structure with the building services.  This was updated on a weekly basis as the steel designed continued to evolve until completion.