About the project

The Clarence Correctional Facility is located in Grafton, NSW and once complete will accommodate 1,700 inmates. It will feature state-of-the art security and surveillance, and focus on rehabilitation to help reduce the rate of reoffending.

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The Task

We were engaged to provide drafting services which assisted with the detailing of the security systems within the facility. This includes the buildings as well as the site.

The Challenge

As this is a correctional facility most of the walls within the buildings were precast concrete. This meant that all the wall-mounted security equipment, required conduits and mounting plates, to be cast into the precast panels. As the precast panels were often the finished wall, a high degree of accuracy was required to ensure all the conduits and mounting plates were in the correct positions.

The Solution

Using specific setouts for each piece of equipment, we were able to place the conduits and mounting plates into the model. Once placed into the model, the items were coordinated with other service trades. Once this process was complete, the models were handed to the precast contractor who combined the models and started fabrication.

Drafting Solutions also placed a drafter on the construction site to help coordinate the above process.