About the project

Airservices Australia has developed the world’s most advanced air traffic control system at the Air Traffic Services Centre, spread across two sites – Tullamarine Airport, Victoria and Brisbane Airport, Queensland. With responsibility for controlling 11% of the world’s airspace, they have an availability requirement of 99% for key services – meaning the system cannot be offline for more than 10 seconds across an entire year.

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The Task

Drafting Solutions assisted our client with the coordination of service trades, architecture and structure. Our team’s principal accountability was to coordinate the design, facilitated by updating it from LOD 200 Standard to LOD 300 standard.

The Challenge

Numerous 3D models has been generated for both the existing building and new structures. These model files used different coordinate systems and did not align with the existing structures.

The Solution

Drafting Solutions worked closely with our client and a surveyor to highlight the discrepancies in the models. Once the discrepancies where found, we communicated these with various stakeholders to produce an accurate federated model. The process, completed using Building Information Modelling (BIM), enabled us to increase project delivery efficiency by identifying where clashes or omissions may have been made.