• Client: O.P. Industries & Vic Plumbing
  • Skills: Service Coordination / Shop Drawings / As Constructed Drawings / Mechanical / Hydraulic

About the Project

The Northumberland project is comprised of a 13-level office building and a 5-level companion building, located in Collingwood, Melbourne. The site contains a lettable area of over 15,000m² and incorporates an existing telephone exchange building into its design.

Drafting Solutions was engaged to complete the Mechanical services and Hydraulics drafting.

Mechanical: Due to the project incorporating the existing telephone exchange building into the design, the space available within the companion building riser is quite limited. As such, this provided a challenge in order to fit the required mechanical services within the riser.

Hydraulic: The size of the project meant that the structure required to be supported and strengthened  by significant structural steel. Together with tight time constraints and limited ceiling space, the hydraulic riser roll over was not code compliant and also not able to be built.

Mechanical: Drafting Solutions were able to use our modelling and construction expertise to produce a solution that not only allowed all the required services to fit into the riser, but also allowed for the ductwork to be installed smoothly.

Hydraulic: Drafting Solutions led a complex process of not only redesigning the hydraulic system to be code compliant and able to be built, but also assisted with reducing the impact on architecture and other trades, while meeting the time constraints.