Mechanical Services Drawings

Mechanical services drawings are a step-by-step guide for your construction project.

What are mechanical services drawings?

Mechanical services drawings are an essential part of your construction project, providing a high level of detail towards the fabrication and installation of mechanical systems within a building, from ductwork, pipe and grilles to mechanical equipment and air conditioning units.

Mechanical services drawings are a blueprint of the mechanical systems that a building requires, whether it be elements like heating and cooling, ventilation systems like fume cupboards or dust extraction, or mechanical equipment in plantrooms.

What benefits do mechanical services drawings provide?

Planned during the design stage, they represent enhanced specifications for the design and placement of mechanical building components. Such components include pumps, fan coil units, boilers, chillers, fans and evaporative units.

As opposed to the designs and drawings provided by an architect or engineer, mechanical services drawings deliver the dimensional precision of all mechanical systems and the information required for ductwork and pipework manufacture.

What can be contained in mechanical services drawings?

Mechanical drawings can also include various elements like HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). This represents the specifications and placement of air conditioning and heating systems, also comprising ducts, piping connections and air-handling units.

Systems like HVAC often require pre-fabrication, which is why mechanical drawings are crucial at the design stage of the project.

Mechanical drawings also regularly complement the fire, electrical and plumbing drawings, which together form the backbone of any construction project.

How can Drafting Solutions assist with mechanical services drawings?

Mechanical drawings serve as a step-by-step guide for your construction project. The provide the timely information needed for all mechanical components to be fabricated and installed accurately, without costly errors or time delays.

At Drafting Solutions, we have the in-house knowledge and experience working with mechanical processes. This enables us to produce mechanical services drawings that will benefit your project from pre-fabrication right through to the field installation stage.