Shop Drawings

Design is one thing, but construction is another. The two however, should be seamless. Our Shop Drawings give those on site a clear, precise picture of the construction process. Surveyors, engineers, builders, trades and any others involved, can clearly see the process and task ahead. This is where we bring the design to life!
You’ll find our ‘as constructed’ drawings in our operations and maintenance manuals. We make sure that all the installations are accurately represented – everything on-screen is exactly where it is on-site. Essentially, we’ll show you exactly what has been installed and where. This makes on-going maintenance and future problem-solving much easier and more cost-efficient for our clients.


As Constructed Drawings


Operational and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

Working hand in hand with our As Constructed Drawings, our O&M Manuals provide written descriptions of installed systems, with detailed instructions for operation and maintenance. They are straight-forward and easy to understand, providing accurate information that can be accessed with confidence. In our manuals you’ll find:

  • Installations and their specifics
  • The services carried out throughout the project
  • Relevant compliance certificates; and
  • Warranties applicable to installations.

We hand over our O&M Manuals at the end of a project, if one is required.

As experts in technical and mechanical drawings, you can trust Drafting Solutions to bring your project to life.

Contact us to discuss how our team can assist you to develop quality shop drawings and as constructed drawings for your next construction or maintenance project. 

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