Working with the Building Industry

Reduce risk during the construction phase

Drafting Solutions offer several services that are tailor made for building contractors. These services are designed to increase efficiencies and reduce risk during the construction phase, these services include: 

Tender Review 

Drafting Solutions has developed a system in which we can review tender documents and models to ensure they meet the minimum requirements as setout in the contract, this reduces time frames and risk during the shop drawing phase of a project. 

Federating Models & Model Management 

Do you have multiple models for the same project?  
At Drafting Solutions, we can federate these files to create a single master file that contains all the required information.  

Clash Detection & Lead Coordination 

Clash detection is an important process designed to reduce coordination issues on site. We run regular clash detection reports to ensure the clashes are resolved during the shop drawing process, this ensure the clashes are resolved prior to the works commencing on site. 

Why are shop drawings needed in the building industry?

Shop Drawings give those on the building site a clear, precise picture of the construction process. Surveyors, engineers, builders, trades and any others involved, can clearly see the process and task ahead. To guarantee high quality drawing and efficient project management we liaise with all parties to obtain the latest and relevant information. As one of the most important parts of the building development processes, the shop drawings outline the pre-fabricated objected and the related components such as steel structures, elevators, trusses, beams, and windows.